Movie Buff

There are many films I enjoy watching whether its the love sap ones, comedies, horror, or non-fictional. If I could make a list in not any special order I would say ten movies I watch the most include:

1. Step Brothers- It is witty, and funny and has an immature sense of humor like me. I love Will Ferrel and he never fails to make me laugh.
2.Now and Then- its a movie I watched when I was young and still love it today. Something about the relationship each friend shared with one another reminds me of my group of friends. Our friendship is forever like it is in this film.
3.The Hunger Games- Although it is a fairly new movie, I read all three books and can’t get enough. Katniss is a BA in the film, and something about the death among districts intrigues me.
4.Cinderella Man- It is interesting to see a story from the Great Depression. I love when films are centered around the old days because it leaves me to imagine things.
5. The Fighter- being that my family is from Boston, I understood the comic relief behind the characters presented. I also don’t mind staring at Marky Mark.
6. The Notebook- I cry every time. There’s something about being a hopeless romantic that makes me love the movie so much.
7. Hocus Pocus- yes, I may act like I’m still a kid but I will never get tired of this movie no matter my age. I have to watch it every year around Halloween.
8. A Christmas Story- since we’re on the topic of Holidays…I watch this every Christmas as it is shown 24 hours on tv. No matter what part I am at in the movie, I will continue to watch it. The comedy of it makes me laugh and it has a great story line.
9. Almost Famous- I have to admit it is the music in this movie that I fell most in love with.
10. Stand by Me- My brother showed me this film years ago and for some reason I just grew to love it. It’s an older movie but not like any other I have seen.


7 thoughts on “Movie Buff

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  2. Oh my gosh, I completely forgot about Stepbrothers. I love love love that movie! I think the best life quotes come out of that movie. Will Ferrell is absolutely the best! He is so funny and I probably love everything he is in. I sometimes YouTube him and watch all the funny videos he is in.

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