What I’m Thankful for…

Being that Thanksgiving is coming up, it’s time to remember what we are all thankful for. The way I see it is, just because it’s near the holidays doesn’t mean we should stop being thankful. I pray every night for happiness, safety, and my health. Luckily, God has blessed me with this so I want to thank God first. I’m thankful for life itself and what he has provided me. Going down the list of the other 9 things I am thankful for at the moment include:
1. My family- They are always there for me, and I talk to them everyday. They have molded me into the person I am today and I appreciate every part of their presence in my life.
2. The safety of my family up north during Hurricane Sandy- the hurricane hit a lot of homes but I’m happy to say my family has their safety.
3. My boyfriend- he is such an amazing person, and couldn’t be happier to love someone like him.
4.My friends- They know how to cheer me up and have a good time.
5.GSU- my school is better then yours>>>
6.My dog, Lilly- she is a healthy pup and no matter what puts a smile on my face.
7. Music- I believe the world would be a different place without it; I couldn’t imagine not having songs to listen to.
8.My teachers- they have guided me through my education.
9.My sorority- finding sisters at a home away from home has impacted my life like crazy!

Although only ten things are listed,I have many more to be thankful for.


6 thoughts on “What I’m Thankful for…

  1. I forgot to mention my professors. I recently went on a trip with two professors from GSU to Arkansas. Let me tell you, 30 hours in a car with someone will teach you a lot about them. I had the opportunity to learn about them outside of the classroom, a side few ever see. i thought the experience was great and I cherished the chance I had to learn about the person behind the podium.

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  4. I agree! I love our school and I hate when I see students sporting shirts from other colleges. But these are all awesome things to be thankful for and I like seeing that you thought outside of the box with being thankful for music. I think everyone should be thankful for music because it’s gotten all of us through something at one point or another.

  5. I also have family up north who were affected by the hurricane. They are in New Jersey, but they live about an hour inland so it was not as bad for them. Still, their facilities are not made for flooding and up there most people have basements, which would be thoroughly destroyed.

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